1. Where can you deliver?

We can deliver upto 16 km from Leann's Tea House. Delivery fee will depend on your location. For locations that are further, you may book your own pick up (just choose pick up option).

  1. Is there a minimum for delivery?

There is no minimum for your delivery.

  1. Should orders be placed in advance or are same day deliveries allowed?

All orders are received real time. You can place orders in advance or on the same day. For same day delivery, we need to receive your orders at least 1 hour in advance before having it delivered (1 hour preparation plus delivery time)  

  1. What if I have any special requests?

You can write any special requests on the note section per order

  1. Does your meat ala carte include lettuce and dips?

For Samgyupsal and Woosamgyup, dips and lettuce is already included

  1. Do the frozen meat come with lettuce and dips?

No, all frozen and ready to cook items come as is, no additional sides or dips are included.

  1. Do our orders come with free sides?

All orders from Ready to Cook and Ala Carte comes with a free side for every 1k order. Orders that are do not qualify for free sides are (Set meals, Set menus, Leann's mini mart and frozen meat)

  1. Can I order exra sides/dips?

Yes you can, just check out our section for sides/dips and place orders here 

  1. Are we allowed to use Senior or PWD discounts when ordering online?

As per Republic Act No. 9994, section 3 (f), the 20% discount shall apply for take out/take home/drive thru orders as long as it is the senior himself/herself who is present and personally ordering, and he/she can show a valid senior card. We will gladly accomodate your senior/pwd card in store but all orders must be made in the store as we will not ba able to process your id through our e commerce platform. For direct orders, you may send us an order through our facebook page Leann's Tea House or call us at (02)79176356 or (0915)2158742.

  1. Who is your delivery partner?

Our delivery partner is Mr. Speedy however in the event that we are not able to book with them, we will be using a different 3rd company delivery service of our choice.

  1. Are you open for dine in?

Yes, we are open for dine in from 10:30 am to 9pm. Kindly note that we are currently taking reservations by timeslots as we only have limited tables available. We will be further improving this for your convenience. For reservations, kindly fill up the form in this link: Leann's Tea House Reservation Form